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Case studies


Remedia Group

As Remedia Group was a start-up company that required a branding image to be created. The brand had to be consistent across their web-site, social media pages, signatures on their emails and business cards.

Website design, build and hosting
Business card design
Image creation for LinkedIn


Steve Sharma

Steve Sharma is a well known and respected Harley Street dental specialist.
His website had become too complex, most of the pages had no visitors and had become tired and outdated.

Simplify the website for ease of use
Make the brand consistent across media

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Social Media

Social media is where you get to talk to your clients and they get to talk with you.

Search engine optimisation

This is about getting your website seen.


Brand identity

Brand identity is how you make your first impression as a business to your customers.

Seasonal video promotions

Corporate video promotions